While I enjoy helping in any way I can, by law I cannot answer questions about dosing or use of these items or any other things you may be using. For more information please visit AmanitaDreamer.Net.

Why are your prices so high?2021-12-14T20:36:39+00:00

The smoke blends are a month’s supply depending on use. I priced in what it costs me to find the items in it, the decreasing availability, the increasing prices, my time in harvesting the parts I harvest, drying, and putting these together by hand one at a time. When you consider that people spend at least $2 on a beer at the end of the day, times 30 days in a month, that’s 60 bucks. This is quite a bargain for hand made items with 30 uses.

Also, there are cheap fast ways and there are moral, ethical, harder more expensive ways. I choose to make the highest quality items that are possible to make. I go to great lengths to research each one and learn where to go to make sure it is ethically sourced, pay the prices for scarcity or or proper harvesting and use and in this, I make something I feel good about selling. It helps those who make these individual components to remain in business while providing a sustainable, ethical product. It benefits you in ways you may not even know until you try an inferior product.

And I teach you how to make everything I sell. Find those videos on AmanitaDreamer.Net.

Why are your packages so small?2021-12-14T20:37:39+00:00

We live in an over consumptive society with extra large obsessions over extra large offerings. Because of this, corporations water down their products with lots of filler and enhancers. I will not do this. My items are dose dependent and with most things muscaroid A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. What seems like small packaging, holds large amounts of healing and uses. Not all things are created equal. For more information you can visit AmanitaDreamer.Net

Hey Dreamer, I am on a prescription drug, do you know if it’s safe to use amanita also?2021-12-14T20:38:06+00:00

I cannot answer questions about pharmaceuticals. In the US that is practicing medicine without a license and it is illegal. Please become familiar with what pathways amanita uses and if you are unsure, ask your medical care person about it.

I love your items but I just need to know how much to use of your smoke blend.2021-12-14T20:38:40+00:00

The FDA in the US doesn’t allow us to say this is safe for human consumption so I also cannot tell you how to use it. I can say a little goes a long way and in the video on my website where I discuss making it you can see how little I use for my burner. This is a month’s supply.

Where are your mushrooms that you sell?2021-12-14T20:39:04+00:00

I don’t sell mushrooms but I have a list of trusted vendors who do, on my website, AmanitaDreamer.Net. I encourage you to check them out. We have vendors for all types of medicine mushrooms but not for ones that are still illegal in most of the United States. Once we move toward more legalization of cannabis and entheogens we will have those vendors also.

I can’t wait to trip, thank you for this.2021-12-14T20:39:36+00:00

There is not enough here in the smoke blends to get high. It is a perfect blend of researched plants that stack well with muscaroids to create a desired effect. Similar to needing to have a drink at the end of the day to wind down, you will meditate well with these blends, with sweet dreams in the evening and addiction blend in the morning for most people.

What is the addiction blend for?2021-12-14T20:40:05+00:00

I made it based on the research on the items in it to help me with meditating on my sugar cravings. The science behind it also speaks of other cravings. I noticed after about 10 days I was no longer craving things I once was. You can check out AmanitaDreamer.Net for more information.

I see the oils are for topical use but can I use them orally?2021-12-14T20:40:43+00:00

By law I have to say amanita muscaria is not for human consumption. I made a chocolate recipe as something you might want to watch in your spare time. It’s at AmanitaDreamer.Net.

I am desperate and really need to talk to you.2021-12-14T20:41:28+00:00

I cannot give personal help about personal issues or advice about medical issues, medicines, life choices, tapering etc. This is practicing medicine without a license and is a serious crime in the US. Please consult your medical person, visit the Amanita Research forum, get involved in our community and make use of all the resources here. Visit AmanitaDreamer.Net and go to “get involved” while waiting to see your medical provider. If you are in an emergent state please reach out to your local hotline until you can calm down and find some peace. Call your local emergency for medical care to get you through if you feel you need that. There really is no failure or harm in getting some help until you can stand on your own. If you are wanting to try amanita, I have trusted vendors at AmanitaDreamer.Net.

I am not desperate but I still want to talk to you.2022-06-03T23:10:37+00:00

You’re in luck! I have an option on my Community site for one-on-one Zoom meetings. We also have group Zooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month! Check out my Community here or click here for a 1 hr private Zoom session.


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