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Winter Solstice With Amanita Dreamer


On this upcoming Winter Solstice, this will be the most important of all solstices and equinoxes for the ancestors of the mushrooms, trees and humans. We are entering a powerful portal and push of growth in the next few months and this solstice is holding extra powerful involvement by the gods, goddesses, ancestors and elders. Timelines are collapsing and the mushroom has been telling me and others coming back with trip reports about this time in human history. Being here on Earth during this time was the hottest ticket in the universe and a hard one to get. Not just any being had the ability to handle it, to be able to grow lifetimes at once and guess what? You are here for it! You made it. Do you know how many ancestors and others are watching us, are jealous, but also cheering all of us on?

I have decided on this most important time, to hold ceremony even though I am just exhausted from a year of travel. But of course, they all don’t care LOL! They just said, hey, you know you have to! I will hold Winter Solstice Ceremony on Friday night December 16th.

Have you ever listened to Nordic music and wished you could see it live? Ever watched video of tribal dancing around a fire, odd and angry faces, that deep pulsing primal feeling and wished you could be a part of it? Ever wanted to walk with ancient elders and learn how to hear their wisdom? Ever wanted to use an ancient being to trance out and see what our human ancestors have seen for thousands of years?

With the Amanita experience you can! Join Amanita Dreamer for an evening of an ancient ritualistic practice as she works to return this ceremony to the humans again. Most cultures and tribes have journeyed like this with this mushroom but the practice has all but been forgotten. Come learn how to bring it back by doing it once again.



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