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Sweet Panther Dreams



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This is not a tea. Sweet Panther Dreams incense smoke blend for your altar and meditative practice. It is Mullein, A. Pantheroid, Passion Flower and Blue Lotus Flower. Not for human consumption. This is a month supply if used as intended. NOT for large dosing. If you are wanting to have a deep experience I advise you to purchase the whole fungal item alone from a vendor on my website and to NOT get a blend such as this. I want us all to be happy so if you are not sure what this is, please don’t purchase until you do. By law I cannot make claims about this item. A little goes a long way. Please use responsibly.

For more information visit AmanitaDreamer.Net.

This is a finer grind than used previously but still the same .20 ounces as always.

This item is not legal to ship to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland – Recent shipments have been returned by customs. Order at your own risk.


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Weight 2 oz


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