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Skin Therapy



This item is a collaboration with a patron from my community. She made it with a little advice and testing from me and then sent it in a large batch to me to sell as a way to donate to support. I melted and poured and packaged it for you. I personally used this for a few months to make sure it was something I could get behind and I say with enthusiasm that yes it is. I used it when I was in Calgary and the weather was terribly dry, I slathered it on and went to bed. It was also good for after shower and while I was still a little damp and I put it on and then put my clothes on and just let it sink on into my skin. I am still holding back a few tins of it for myself.

Skin Therapy is:
Carrier oils
Coconut, olive, candalilla, vegetable glycerin
Muscaroil, arnica, cayenne, frankincense, CB D
Essential oils
peppermint, tea tree, lavender, camphor, fir, cinnamon

Weight 2.5 ounces


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Weight 2.5 oz


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