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Panther oil is pantherina extracted in EVOO for 6 weeks. 5ml in a screw top bottle. Use with care. Not for those unfamiliar with this class of mushroom. I must state by law not for human consumption. To learn more pls visit AmanitaDreamer.Net.

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8 reviews for Panther Oil

  1. scott123bingham (verified owner)

    My order arrived today in the mail It’s Excellent I understand why it’s called Panther it sneaks up and then pounces and wow loving life.

    • AmanitaDreamer

      Right?!! Thank you so much for supporting my work. <3

  2. Barbara Fleming (verified owner)

    First time purchaser of these products. Panther oil is amazing in the eve for me. Helps me relax and chill.

    • AmanitaDreamer

      Thank you Barbara <3

  3. Jack

    Can anyone say how it is used and what are the effects please? Thank you in advance :)

  4. Jennoland

    I bought this not really knowing what I would use it for. I constantly wake up with low back pain so I tried it out for that. Wow. I woke up in the morning with no back pain. I just dabbed a couple fingertips worth of the oil and rubbed it into my lower back before I went to sleep and worked like a charm. I’ve since used it on shoulder pain and menstrual cramps with great results. It doesn’t take much oil at all. Works better than Alleve or Advil for me. I didn’t believe it until several nights of relief. How can it get to my sore muscles through my skin? I wouldn’t have believed it unless I actually proved it to myself. Amazing.

    • AmanitaDreamer

      See this it what I thought too, when I was first experimenting with it. Like, holy cow, how is this real? LOL Thank you so much for making a review and for supporting my work. :)

  5. Moss (verified owner)

    So putting a few drops on decorative candies would make them more interesting to look at?

  6. Dan Ellerton (purchased for Linda Marshall)

    Bought the Panther Oil for a friend who has severe back pain, with spine/disc issues. It did not help. Perhaps if it was a muscle related issue, it would have given some relief

  7. Dani Freeman (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how fast my order arrived. Thank you. I absolutely love this oil. It’s amazing!! I deal with a lot of back & neck pain. This works beautifully. I am so happy I found you & was introduced to A.M. Thank you again.

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    Great stuff… well a bit pricey and you only get a small jar 5ml.Rub it on your aching muscles enjoy it’s a creeper as well.

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