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Magnolia Gardenia Enfleurage in Antique Boxes



So this is a perfum pomade called an Enfleurage. Enfleurage is a process that uses odorless fats that are solid at room temperature to capture the fragrant compounds exuded by plants.

The smell is not a strong knock you over like today’s synthetics or like highly concentrated essential oils. This fragrance is natural and absorbed directly from the flowers in both coconut and babassu oils. It comes to life when you apply it to your skin on pulse points and your natural body heat stimulates the oils. It is loverly and divine.

I have packaged them in antiques I found on my travels to Europe. Enjoy!

About Enfleurage

This has to be used in cases where the scents of certain flowers are very fragile and will break down with heat. The method involves putting the flowers in a fat for 24 hours then removing them and adding new flowers. This is done over and over until the medium starts to have the fragrance of the flower oils in it high enough to smell.
This particular enfleurage is made with gardenia flowers from a neighbor’s bush and magnolia flowers that bloom everywhere in the south. Both of these flowers bloom at the end of summer.

My first 2 attempts failed which is common with enfleurage. This is the 3rd attempt which worked! Queens and other royalty valued enfleurage because it is used with some of the most prized flowers and fragrances and is hard to do. It originated in France and transporting was also difficult.


  • Green leaves is a vintage 1980’s pill box
  • Glasses is an antique lip stick compact from 1955
  • Flowers is an antique pill box the from 1970’s
  • Agate is sterling silver with cut agate stone
  • Cornelian (orange) is sterling silver with cornelian stone
  • Tiffany has a blue and silver colored top. Circa mid 1990’s

Weights: 2 ounces


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1 – Green, 2 – Flowers, 3 – Glasses, 4 – Agate, 5 – Cornelian, Tiffany


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