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Dosing amanita muscaria brings together the science, practical experimentation and the esoteric, mental health and spiritual results of using this mushroom. Part textbook, part workbook, part uplifting and hopeful meditation, this book will serve your journey through microdosing, macrodosing and if you choose to be brave, high dosing amanita muscaria. You will learn how to find your way with the help of Amanita Dreamer through her caring but straightforward style into your journey of self discovery, healing and freedom.

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8 reviews for Dosing Book

  1. Ash (verified owner)

    Finally, everything you need to know about amanita!! I am so happy this book is here! This is not just a “how to” book, it is a workbook, complete with worksheets so you can track how your healing journey is progressing, and when you need to adjust the dosing. There is so much useful information in this book.
    Thank you Amanita Dreamer!

  2. jen (verified owner)

    This is THE book for understanding the magical layers of the beautiful amanita. I am working through the middle stages of the suggested micro/macro dosing protocol and feel so incredibly informed and supported which is giving me the confidence to continue and go deeper and deeper into my connection with both myself and this beautiful, yet very misunderstood mushroom. Thank you Amanita for this book and thank you for the way you have made it in to a workbook as well – brilliant. I love you all the way from Australia and back again.

  3. Lynx (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this book if you’re working in any way with Amanita Muscaria! I love workbooks anyway and this is a perfect addition to my journaling while on this journey of Self discovery. I am happy to finally see folks out there like Amanita Dreamer who are giving a voice to Amanita Muscaria. Much love to all!

  4. Alex

    This is a remarkable book, and I’m enjoying it, for its information but also for its heart and philosophy. It helps you understand the Amanita Muscaria mushroom as a therapeutic agent of nature. Now that I’ve started microdosing, and am experiencing some benefits (increased calmness, spontaneous insights, more and deeper sleep), I appreciate the guiding knowledge and perspectives this book offers.

  5. Steph Cox (verified owner)

    Excellent resource for anyone looking to use this medicine for their health and wellness. Well written!

  6. Danny Klakamp (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed the content of the Book so much and it’s in depth understanding of this Amazing Mushroom and Amanita Dresmers hard work in detailing her experiences, thought and Education, I ended up Gifting the soft cover edition to a friend and an Now waiting for the Hard Cover to arrive to add to my Library. Thanks for all you do AD

  7. Anthony S. (verified owner)

    Such an amazing wealth of information! Very well written and concise information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Amanita Dreamer!!!

  8. Kristie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book. It is full of great information and it’s very easy to read. The large font and the layout is a bonus. I really appreciate the honesty and openness displayed in the book. It’s warm and welcoming. I cried a few times reading it because I’m impressed with reading about her overcoming barriers and struggles, it gives a glimmer of hope that things can be so much better than they are. I love to see people succeed and then turn around and help others.

    This book can help people because it’s not only inspiring and full of useful information but it’s also a workbook. You can track how you are doing.

    It really shows that the book was written by someone who cares about humanity and wants to share information to help people overcome challenges.

    I can’t say enough positive things about the book. I’m very glad I bought it and would recommend it to people interested in learning more about the amanita and healing.

    I also really enjoyed the full page advertisements in the book, good companies getting advertising time was nice to see. It felt like a great community being established.

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