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The hardcover of the book, Dosing Amanita Muscaria is now open for presale! If you missed the presale of the paperback, now is your chance to get a signed copy with the collectible sticker made for the book launch with the launch date on it! Presale is limited to 50 books. You will be charged today and book ships on August 11th!

Dosing Amanita Muscaria brings together the science, practical experimentation and the esoteric, mental health and spiritual results of using this mushroom. Part textbook, part workbook, part uplifting and hopeful meditation, this book will serve your journey through microdosing, macrodosing and if you choose to be brave, high dosing amanita muscaria. You will learn how to find your way with the help of Amanita Dreamer through her caring but straightforward style into your journey of self discovery, healing and freedom.

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