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Ceremonial Oil



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This oil is muscaroil with the needles of the cedar tree that I harvested Amanitas from in Canada in 2021. I am including a rune stone. When I hold ceremony we draw rune stones to learn what our meditation will be until the equinox. My drum has my amanita gnome as my shamanic helper drawn by my shaman who I learn from. I had stickers made of this Amanita gnome so I could include it here also. It glows in the dark too. Feel free to put him on your drum as a spirit guide. He is such a wonderful entity. This is the best I could do to help you along in your ceremony without actually being there with you.

How To Use This Item
Look up the meaning of the rune you got and as you ceremony you will be asking for wisdom on this aspect. Burn the included cedar to clear the container and set your space. With your drum, acknowledge the gnome helper and let them know it is time and ask for them to come along. In silence, set your intentions for this time. Roll the oil on your inner wrists and ankles. Play the drum to set the space, clear the room and allow the oil time to also work. Now you are ready to begin your ceremony.

I don’t know if I will continue to make this item, it depends on if you all want it or how it sells.

This oil has been a long time coming. I haven’t always believed in this sort of thing and it has taken me this year of ceremonying with the mushroom, harvesting amanita and traveling with the mushroom voice to finally understand. The final thing was last October when I went to Canada and harvested amanitas from under Cedar trees. I was sitting there with them and suddenly I actually heard the tree say hello. It was so loving. It asked if I had a moment and in that moment it sent an amazing picture of life of living with the amanita. The tree really did love the being and living with it in not just a mutual relationship but an actual loving one. It told me that harnessing the power of the tree together with the mushroom was something our ancestors did and that there was power in it for all of us. So I asked the Cedar, what part of it should I take and it said please take some branches and pull some of the needles and put them with the oil and let them soak together with the mushroom. They also said when I make tea to put some needles in the tea too. It told me that later on I would learn how to use the sap of the different trees too.

The final part of all this is that when I returned home, I went to see my friend, the man on the mountain, and he told me he had a dream where the trees told him to combine the magic of the tree with the magic of the mushroom. I laughed out loud. That’s when I knew it was time. So I made a batch of oil like this and I knew its power would be in ceremony. The first time I used it, I felt propelled quickly toward the ancestors and elders but also now, the wisdom of the trees and their ancestral knowledge. When I tell you the power and wisdom all coming in at once, all I could do was cry. It has continued. I walk among trees now and can see the world through their eyes. They are giving me perspectives on acceptance, on life standing still, on owning one’s power. I hope you see the power and majesty and importance of this ceremonial oil.

On this upcoming Winter Solstice, this will be the most powerful of all solstices and equinoxes for the power of the ancestors of the mushrooms, trees and humans. So I hope this oil serves you now.

Also we are entering a powerful portal in the next few months and this solstice is holding extra powerful involvement by off planetary beings, like the gods, goddesses, ancestors and elders. Timelines are collapsing and the mushroom has been telling me and others coming back with trip reports about this time in human history and guess what? You are here for it! It is so important, that………..

I have decided on this most important time, to hold one last ceremony of the year. I worked together with one of the moderators in our community, David Samas, who, if you know of him, is just an amazing human with skills with the amanita. He’s one of the few people I have grown to really trust and work with as I also grow and learn. He and I will be doing a weekend event. I will hold Winter Solstice Ceremony on Friday night December 16th. If you think you would like to come, you can learn more here. We have limited it to 25 which is firm but we will start a waiting list.

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