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Cacao Ceremony Kit



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Ceremonial cacao is considered an entheogen among those who work with it. There are courses you can take online to learn how to work with cacao ceremonies. This is the king’s cacao, the chocolate of the Incan and Mayans. Kings and Queens paid pirates and sailors large sums of gold to return with this. We take for granted today that we have easy access to chocolate but what we have is watered down and stale. Ceremonial is high quality, raw and unheated and fermented. The cacao I offer in this kit is Peruvian.

Size: Large is 2 uses or for two people.

I have used it 3 times and I can tell you, it is powerful and not at all like even the dark chocolate I am used to eating by itself. I used a teaspoon of cacao in my tea ceremony and I want to caution you to make sure you are very careful with it.

Some benefits that are physical are:

  • PEA (phenylethylamine) creates a euphoric feeling of pleasure and joy
  • Serotonin is responsible for happiness in general
  • Oxytocin creates a deep bond with yourself, your body and all that surrounds you
  • Magnesium relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation to open up your heart
  • Theobromine stimulates your senses and sharpens your focus
  • Cacao is an aphrodisiac for both men and women
  • Cacao has been shown to have beneficial effects for the heart and circulatory system.

Spiritually, a cacao ceremony can work to help move some trauma held in the gut. While its effects are subtle, the actual results can be physical and very cleansing. For me I found that it helps move and heal trauma stored in the gut which relates to anger, shame, fear and loss.

For me I found that cacao does not do initial emergent care but is for after the darker work has been done and I am working on clearing recent events which tie to deeper issues. I also use it on Saturday evenings at sundown to help clear the week and create a clean line heading into the evening and into Sunday.

Use the tea ceremony card I made for you as a guide unless you already have your own tea ceremony.

Blue Lotus, this flower is in my smoke blends for good reason. It is an MAOI and is also considered an entheogen. It pairs really well with cacao in my opinion. I source my Blue Lotus from a single grower who lives in Venezuela.She reached out to me over a year ago on Instagram and she was really a beautiful soul. I buy straight from her and pay her comparable to world market prices. She uses no pollutants or toxic chemicals. I am proud to offer this blue lotus. It smells intoxicating and dreamy!

For the incense this is Palo Santo, a well known tree in south America. It is considered holy and sacred. It has been used for thousands of years. Today harvesting is an issue of overuse and unsavory practices so sourcing it needs to be done appropriately. In this case, I have something very rare. When aromatic or active trees die naturally, their sap sometimes will flow back downward and pool in the trunk of the tree close to the ground. It doesn’t happen very often. I was gifted some of this by someone who attended a ceremony I hosted. It is from an original grower of the Palo Santo tree in Peru and in this case it is from one of the dense parts of a dead tree. Because of this it is highly flammable but also full of actives so I have shaved it for easy use and so it won’t flame up and burn a lot and be wasted. I am including it here in this kit. Enjoy it well and with love and how it has travelled to find you.

Also included is a boost pack with cinnamon, himalayan salt and cayenne pepper.

Comes with a double sided card on how to hold your tea ceremony with instructions on how to prepare for your ceremony. This time I have had it made professionally printed and it will become part of a ceremony card kit I am building.

Kit comes in a cloth bag for storage.

My hope is that once you use all of these items together you will be motivated to continue a ritualistic tea practice and keep your kit going.

Ceremonial Spring Equinox/Summer Solstice Muscaroil is included to help with relaxation and matters of the heart. It has rosemary (attracting love, raising vibration, mental clarity, purification, protection) in it and is the Ceremonial oil I will be selling in the March store. Apply while preparing for the ceremony. Use on places of pain or pulse points. All three, amanita, rosemary and cacao are highly synergistic.

Includes a wooden spoon since most people don’t have one and metal is not advised.


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