While I enjoy helping in any way I can, by law I cannot answer questions about dosing or use of these items or any other things you may be using. For more information please visit AmanitaDreamer.Net.

BOLD Muscaroil

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BOLD is muscaroil made twice as strong, heat extracted and cured for 6 weeks. 10mL in a black roller bottle. I must say not for human consumption. I cannot make claims about this item. For more information please visit AmanitaDreamer.Net.

This item is not legal to ship to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Netherlands
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Weight 2 oz

3 reviews for BOLD Muscaroil

  1. Elle

    Would love to leave a review and 5 stars if I only knew how in the heck to use this. It’s got a roller ball but it’s not deodorant or lip gloss. I doubt it’s meant to roll across the wrist like perfume or across the tongue to ingest. This mystery has got to get solved. Can anyone give me a hint? I feel like one of the monkeys trying to figure out the black monolith that appears one day on their planet in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. Thank you someone, anyone.

    • AmanitaDreamer

      I hope that you can read the reviews either here or on other oils I have as the FDA won’t allow me to make claims about it. Your review hilarious BTW LOL

  2. Tati

    I had a strained mcl and I applied this to the inside of my knee. It dulled the soreness and pain within a couple of minutes! I’m not sure how or why this worked but it does! It didn’t work as well on my lower back where there’s a lot more fat in between my muscles and skin – but that’s good to know that it works in places where the muscle is close to the skin.

    • AmanitaDreamer

      Thank you for commenting to help others since I can’t make claims or speak to how it is used. And thank you for supporting my work.

  3. MD12 (verified owner)

    Without suggesting or recommending HOW to dose to avoid violating any regs, does the COMMUNITY choose as the most popular method of use to apply roller onto skin, or to place drops on to ‘decorative’ chocolate and ‘decorative’ snacks? Thanks for the help!

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